ESO Undaunted Guild Guide

The Undaunted Guild

This page will teach you everything you need to know about the undaunted guild! The undaunted guild is a very important guild in Elder Scrolls Online, its got incredibly powerful passives and allows us to get powerful gear! We are the undaunted!


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How to Join The Undaunted Guild

You can join the Undaunted Guild at any level at one of the following three locations and grab the quest “One of the Undaunted.”

1 Aldmeri Dominion

  • Zone: Auridon
  • City: Vulkhel Gaurd
  • Tavern: Salted Wings
  • NPC: Turuk Redclaws
  • Associated Dungeon: Banished Cells

2 Ebonheart Pact

  • Zone: Stonefalls
  • City: Davon’s Watch
  • Tavern: The Fish Stink
  • NPC: Kailstig the Axe
  • Associated Dungeon: Fungal Grotto

3 Daggerfall Covenant

  • Zone: Glenumbra
  • City: Daggerfall
  • Tavern: The Rosy Lion
  • NPC: Mighty Mordra
  • Associated Dungeon: Spindleclutch

Undaunted Guild Pledges

At level 45, you unlock Undaunted Pledges. These daily pledges are specific, repeatable 4-person group dungeons you can complete in exchange for Undaunted Keys. Pick them up from the 3 NPC Pledge Master at any of the following 3 cities

1 Grahtwood – Elden Root

2 Deshaan – Mournhold

3 Stormhaven – Wayrest

Undaunted Guild Keys

Use your Undaunted Keys to open 3 chests from the different Pledge Masters and receive a shoulder piece for your Monster Set and other loot. The three NPC Pledge Maters are Maj al-Ragath, Glirion the Redbeard and Urgalarg Chief-bane.

Keys are located in the currency tab and are account-wide. If you do the pledges on Veteran and complete hard mode, you will get an additional key, allowing you to receive potentially 6 keys per day. (*Note: To activate HM, there will usually be a scroll you need to read right before the last boss fight)

IMPORTANT: Wait to spend your keys until you reach level 160 (max level).

You can spend the keys in the store via the pledge masters. (Remember, each pledge master will have different loot associated with the specific dungeon pledges they offer)

Monster Set Locations

Maj al-Ragath

DungeonMonster Set
Banished Cells IShadowrend Set
Banished Cells IIMaw of the Infernal Set
Darkshade Caverns ISentinel of Rkugamz Set
Darkshade Caverns IIEngine Guardian Set
Elden Hollow IChokethorn Set
Elden Hollow IINightflame Set
Fungal Grotto IKra’gh Set
Fungal Grotto IISpawn of Mephala Set
Spindleclutch ISwarm Mother Set
Spindleclutch IIBlood Spawn Set
Wayrest Sewers ISlimecraw Set
Wayrest Sewers IIScourge Harvester Set

Glirion the Redbeard

DungeonMonster Set
Arx CoriniumSellistrix Set
Blackheart HavenPirate Skeleton Set
Blessed Crucible Troll King Set
City of Ash IInfernal Guardian Set
City of Ash IIValkyn Skoria Set
Crypt of Hearts IIllambris Set
Crypt of Hearts IINerien’eth Set
DirefrostIceheart Set
Selene’s WebSelene Set
Tempest IslandStormfist Set
Vaults of MadnessGrothdarr Set
VolenfellTremorscale Set

Urgalarg Chief-bane (DLC)

DungeonMonster Set
Cradle of ShadowsVelidreth Set
Imperial City PrisonLord Warden Set
Ruins of MazzatunMighty Chudan Set
White-Gold TowerMolag Kena Set
Falkreath HoldDomihaus Set
Bloodroot ForgeEarthgore Set
Fang LairThurvokun Set
March of SacrificesBalorgh Set
Moon Hunter KeepVykosa Set
Scalecaller PeakZaan Set
FrostvaultStonkekeeper Set
Depths of MalatarSymphony of Blades Set
Moongrave FaneGrundwulf Set
Lair of MaarselokMaarselok Set


MYSTERY COFFERS – 1 key – Guaranteed monster set shoulder piece from dungeons associated with the pledges the NPC offers, along with a chance at other rewards.

SPECIALIZED COFFERS – 5 keys – Narrow the gamble down to two monster set shoulder piece from 2 potential sources.

*Note: The monthly monster shoulder Style Page can be purchased for 50 keys. It is also a rare drop from the mystery coffers.