Sea Serpent’s Coil Leads – ESO

Sea Serpent’s Coil Leads

The Sea Serpents Coil is a new mythic added with the High Isle chapter that causes your character to receive a huge boost in power for 10 seconds after taking damage while at full health! This page will give you all of the lead locations so that you can assemble your Sea Serpent’s Coil Set today!


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Sea Serpent’s Coil Set Lead Locations

Here are the Sea Serpent’s Coil Set lead locations. This will be filled in as the community discovers the lead locations! Check back often!

Sea Serpent’s Coil SetZoneLead Location
Black Eltheric PearlsHigh IsleGiant Clam Node near ocean
Frigid SapphireHigh IsleFrozen Ruins World Boss in “The Rift” (to the west)
Meteoric BeadsHigh IsleMages Guild daily quest reward coffer (Grahtwood, Stormhaven, Deshaan)
Sea Silver ChainHigh IsleJewelry Surveys
Steel Serpent FangsHigh IsleSerpent Bog World Boss

Sea Serpent’s Coil Set

Why Does It Exist?

The Sea Serpent’s Coil Set looks like it will allow players to spec into burst damage. Wait until you get hit, and then unload on your enemy.

How to find the Sea Serpent’s Coil Set

To unlock the Sea Serpent’s Coil Set must unlock antiquities, you can follow this guide here. Then you must get to scrying and excavating level 7 to begin scrying and excavating the leads for the Belt. the lead locations can be found here