Stormweavers Cavort Leads – ESO

Stormweaver’s Cavort Leads

The Stormweaver’s Cavort is a new mythic added with the High Isle chapter that will cause your block, dodge roll, sprint, break free, and bash to cost magicka instead of stamina! This page will give you all of the lead locations so that you can assemble your Stormweaver’s Cavort today!


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Stormweaver’s Cavort Lead Locations

Here are the Stormweaver’s Cavort lead locations. This will be filled in as the community discovers the lead locations! Check back often!

Stormweaver’s CavortDig ZoneLead Location
Braided Blessed BramblesGalen and Y’ffellonGroup Event Boss in Toothmaul Gully Public Dungeon
Panels of the EarthbonesGalen and Y’ffellonValley of the Watcher Worldboss ( Galen)
Promise of the Circles LeatherGalen and Y’ffellonLava Vent & Delve Daily Coffer (Galen)
True Way Clay DialsGalen and Y’ffellonVolcanic Vents World Event (Galen)
Twice harvested Knot RopeGalen and Y’ffellonAny clothing node in Galen

Stormweaver’s Cavort

Why Does It Exist?

Stormweaver’s Cavort allows the player to use their stamina for other things by having dodge roll, sprint, block, bash, and break free cost magicka instead of stamina.

How to find the Stormweaver’s Cavort

To unlock the Stormweaver’s Cavort, first you must unlock antiquities, you can follow this guide here. Then you must get to scrying and excavating level 7 to begin scrying and excavating the leads for the item. the lead locations can be found here