Glyphic of the Tides

Glyphic of the Tides
Cast Time: N/A
Target: Ground
Radius: 28 meters
Cost: 200
Skill Description
Summon an Apocryphal glyphic saturated with tidewater from the Abyssal Sea, which you and your allies can heal. The glyphic spawns at 53% Health and grows stronger the more you heal it. The antediluvian power within the glyphic pulses every 1 second, granting up to 200 Weapon and Spell Damage and healing you and your allies around it for up to 928 Health in proportion to its Health.
New Effect
The glyphic spawns at a higher Health percentage.
Type: Ultimate Ability
Location: Arcanist > Curative Runeforms
Unlocks at: Curative Runeforms rank 12