Syrabanes Ward Leads – ESO

Syrabane’s Ward Leads

The Syrabane’s Ward is a new Firesong DLC Mythic that will cause the wearer to buff the block-mitigation of their allies by 30% when they wear this item! This page will give you all of the lead locations so that you can assemble your Syrabane’s Ward today!


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Syrabane’s Ward Lead Locations

Here are the Syrabane’s Ward lead locations. This will be filled in as the community discovers the lead locations! Check back often!

Syrabane’s WardDig ZoneLead Location
Frog Metal BuckleGalenBlacksmithing writs (any zone)
Indrik-hide StrapGalenIndrik Frolic Worldboss (Summerset)
Iridescent Pearlwater WashGalenFishing anywhere in Galen
Rune-scribed BracesGalenLast boss of Shipwright’s Regret (dungeon)
Silverthread StitchingGalenLast boss Banished Cells 2 (dungeon)

Syrabane’s Ward

Why Does It Exist?

The Syrabane’s Ward will allow players to increase their allies ability to survive by increase the amount of damage they can mitigate with block by 30% while they block.

How to find the Syrabane’s Ward

To unlock the Syrabane’s Ward, you must unlock antiquities, you can follow this guide here. Then you must get to scrying and excavating level 7 to begin scrying and excavating the leads for the Belt. the lead locations can be found here