What is the Best Class in ESO?

On this Page we’ll discuss the best class in ESO (Elder Scrolls Online), but before we begin you first need to understand that each class excels at different roles. Some classes make the best tanks, while others the best healers, and others the best DPS. Beyond that, every class can do all content in the game on any role! Ok now lets begin!

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eso gear staff icon DPS Tier List
eso gear shield icon Tank Tier List
ESO healer Healer Tier List


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Which Class is the best DPS class in ESO? Lets look at how each one ranks, and then we’ll tank about why each class is ranked this way.

eso gear staff icon Arcanist: S Tier
eso gear staff icon Dragonknight: S Tier
eso gear staff icon Templar S Tier
eso gear staff icon Sorcerer: S Tier
eso gear staff icon Necromancer A Tier
eso gear staff icon Warden: A Tier
eso gear staff icon Nightblade: A Tier



The Arcanist has been added and its proving to be a fantastic addition to the game. In terms of DPS it provides solid damage, and fantastic multi-target damage. Buffing up its beam and firing it through a group of enemies deals amazing damage. Expect this class to have some unintended “features” at first while ZOS irons out all the bugs in the weeks and months following its release.

The Necromancer has been a strong contender since its release, always holding one of the top spots in the meta. The addition of the Turning Tide Set, which provides Major Vulnerability for the group has made the Necro a lot more optional in group compositions than in times past. They are still amazing to have around for their AOE damage, but aren’t quite hitting the single target numbers that they used to.

The Sorcerer and Templar are doing fantastic as well right now, with the sorcerer being the king of single target damage!

Warden are benefiting from changes to their passives that really help them excel at dealing damage with the chilled status effect. Frost Staves and the frost warden are finally a real thing, and are quite effective together.

The Dragonknight was the top because it received some long overdue buffs after being at the bottom for far too long. This catapulted its performance in group content past its piers allowing it to take the top spot. ZOS made sustain a little tougher on the DragonKnight but this hasn’t stopped them from absolutely crushing the DPS charts.

The Nightblade is now sitting in the middle of the pack, it was at the top, then the bottom and seems to have recently found a nice comfortable home in the middle after some patches that were especially turbulent for this formerly crit-centric class.

Remember, the meta changes every 3 months so if you’re new to the game the meta will very likely be a different beast by the time you hit the tiny slice of endgame content where this meta comes into play. First and foremost choose the class that looks fun! Its time to shine will arrive sooner or later.

ESO Tier List Video Guide


eso gear shield icon Dragonknight: S Tier
eso gear shield icon Necromancer: S Tier
eso gear shield icon Arcanist: A Tier
eso gear shield icon Templar: A Tier
eso gear shield icon Sorcerer: A Tier
eso gear shield icon Warden: A Tier
eso gear shield icon Nightblade: B Tier


For a long time Dragonknights were the tank you brought to the difficult content. In fact, they were the meta tank for the first 8 years ESO existed. And they still are. Looks like you’re safe if you want to choose Dragonknight as your tank!

Arcanist brings a unique take on the tank role. With a great ability to group up enemies, and some unique debuffs. Solid survivability makes it great, but it lacks some of the crowd control features that make the Dragonknight S tier.

Lately Necromancer and Templar tanks have become much more prominent as they have both received some changes that made them more enticing options as tanks. Necromancers are hard to kill and provide a ton of fun and interesting utility.

The Sorcerer and Warden and Nightblade all make great tanks, but have found more niche case uses as of late. Wardens usually find themselves slotted as healers, so they rarely see themselves as tanks despite being quite good at the role. Nightblades can bring some fantastic AOE damage mitigation and great heal over time in their kit, but have struggled to find themselves ever considered anything but an off-meta tank.


ESO healer Warden: SS Tier
ESO healer Templar: S Tier
ESO healer Necromancer: S Tier
ESO healer Arcanist: A Tier
ESO healer Sorcerer: A Tier
ESO healer Nightblade: A Tier
ESO healer DragonKnight B Tier


The Arcanist is proving to be a solid addtion to the healer lineup, though in its present state is proving to be a little unreliable with the way some of its class heals work. For this reason its going to land somewhere in between A and S tier until ZOS sorts out those issues. Once they do we will revise their rating.

Healing. This is where the Warden shines, and has shined for years now. It does well in all 3 roles, but seems to be a step above the rest when it comes to healing.

The Templar has long been a staple among healers, and the Necromancer has recently become one of the best healers thanks to Empowering Grasp.

Sorcerers are beginning to see some action as healers as groups are seeing less of a need for them as DPS as they try to fit more Dragonknights into the DPS slots.

The Dragonknight rarely see themselves slotted as healers outside of very niche group compositions. Dragonknights are much more useful as tanks and DPS.

The Nightblades have been given a few more buffs to give the group, allowing them to be slotted as healers more than ever before!


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