Glacial Colossus

ESO Skills Glacial Colossus
Glacial Colossus
Cast Time: Instant
Target: Ground
Range: 28 meters
Radius: 8 Meters
Cost: 225 Ultimate
Skill Description
Unleash a frostbitten Flesh Colossus to pulverize enemies in the area. The Colossus smashes the ground three times over 3 seconds, dealing 1867 Frost Damage with each smash. The final smash stuns all enemies hit for 4 seconds. Dealing damage applies Major Vulnerability to any enemy hit for 8 seconds, increasing their damage taken by 30%. Enemies hit cannot be affected again for 20 seconds.
New Effect
The final smash stuns all enemies hit.
Type: Active Ability
Location: Necromancer> Grave Lord
Unlocks at: Grave Lord rank 12