Summon Charged Atronach

Summon Charged Atronach
Cast Time: Instant
Target: Ground
Range: 28 meters
Radius: 6 meters
Cost: 200 Ultimate
Skill Description
Summon an immobile storm atronach at the target location. Its arrival deals 1555 Shock Damage and stuns enemies for 3 seconds. The atronach zaps the closest enemy, dealing 753 Shock Damage every 1 second, and periodically deals 1555 Shock Damage to enemies around it. An ally near the atronach can activate the Charged Lightning synergy, granting the ally and the atronach Major Berserk, increasing their damage done by 25% for 8 seconds.
New Effect
The atronach gains a powerful area of effect attack.
Type: Ultimate Ability
Location: Sorcerer > Daedric Summoning
Unlocks at: Daedric Summoning rank 12