ESO Housing Guide

ESO Housing

Ahh, Housing. The true end game…

Your First House

Luckily, your first house in ESO is FREE! Just complete the quest “Room to Spare” and receive a free room that you can teleport to whenever you like and decorate however you wish. This home can hold:

  • 15 furnishings
  • 1 Trophy Bust
  • 1 Mount, Pet or Assistant

You can pick up the quest in one of 3 locations, depending on your Faction:

Aldmeri DominionAuridonVulkhel GuardVulkhel Guard Manor & Treasury
Daggerfall CovenantGlenumbraDaggerfallBank of Daggerfall
Ebonheart PactStonefallsDavon’s WatchUveran Bank

Houses are account-wide. You can find all your purchased or collected homes in-game under Collections, or “U”. They can be decorated and visited by any of your characters, free of charge, whenever you like.

If you create a toon in each faction, you can do all three quests and collect all 3 homes. For 3,000 gold, you can also buy the other two Inn Rooms from the other alliances.

Note: You can also get the starter houses in the main city of all the chapters: Vivic City, Alinor, etc.


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Types of Homes

There are a variety of home types with different requirements.

Note: If you have an ESO Plus subscription, the number of items you can hold in each home doubles:

HomeTotal FurnishingsSpecial FurnishingsCollectible FurnishingsSpecial CollectiblesPopulationIndividual PermissionsGuild Permissions


To set up permissions, you must be in the home itself. Open the Home Editor (press F5) and go to settings > permissions. Here you will find several permission options including:

  • Limited Visitor
  • Visitor
  • Decorator (Ability to move placed items)

In this tab, you can also set your home to private or ban specific people from visiting.

Housing Items

In ESO, there are a TON of ways to get awesome furnishings to decorate your homes.

Achievement Vendor

At the Achievement Furnisher vendors, you will find items you can only purchase after completing the required achievement for that item. These achievements can come from questing, dungeons, trials and more.

NOTE: These items are bound on pick-up and can not be traded.


You may be surprised to find that many furnishing items can be crafted. As long as you learn the furnishing plan for that item and have the required materials to craft it, you so at any crafting station. More on Crafting here.

Similar to food recipes, furnishing plans can be found all over Tamriel, including backpacks and pockets of NPC’s (practice that pickpocketing!)

In addition to various conventional materials such as style materials like Nickel and tiering materials like Dreugh Wax, furnishers also require the following new materials:

Crafting StationTrade-SkillMaterials
AlchemyFormulaeAlchemical Resin
ClothierPatternsBast and Clean Pelts
EnchantingPraxesMundane Runes
ProvisioningDesignsDecorative Wax


Dark Brotherhood

On a rare occasion, the Shadowy Supplier may award you with an item themed after the Dark Brotherhood.


You can even get aquatic-themed furnishings from fishing, depending on what type of water you fish in.

Home Goods Vendor

Home Goods Furnisher vendors carry basic home furnishings and can be found in each alliance’s main city and all capitals.

Justice Activities

Ironic name isn’t it? Pickpocketing and murdering NPCs can actually get you furnishing items as well.

Luxury Vendor

Every weekend, The Luxury Furnisher Vendor in Coldharbour offers a rotating collection of premium goods and furnishings.

Visit Zanil Theran in Hollow City and snag these items while you can as they are only available for a limited time.

Master Writs

Doing your Master Writs can occasionally score you furnishing items as well. Speak to Rolis Hlaalu, the Mastercraft Meditator and you can even trade-in tickets for furnishing places or items. Here, you will also find special crafting stations you can place in your home.

The Mastercraft Meditator can be found Wayrest, Mournhold or Elden Root (but only if you have a Master Writ completed and ready to turn in, or have done so before). More on Master Writs here.

Undaunted Busts

Did you know each dungeon has 2 unique trophy busts you can earn after completing it? One on normal and one on veteran. More on the Undaunted here.

Housing Editor

Housing is addicting and decorating is the best part! Plus, new items are always being introduced in-game so be on the lookout with each new event.

Press F5 to access the Housing Editor and the following tabs:

  • PLACE: Place items from your list of furnishings anywhere in your home. You can even rotate them to fit your exact needs.
  • PURCHASE: Here, you can choose to purchase items directly from the Crown Store and immediately place them in your home.
  • RETRIEVE: If you’re having trouble finding or moving an item, here, you can see how far away each item is and choose to retrieve it. This will place. the item back in your inventory so you can place it again.
  • SETTINGS: You can set permissions, choose your primary resistance, rename your home, and more!

NOTE: You can also use the search tab to find items listed by category.

The cool thing about housing is that everyone has their own vision and unique way of decorating. No two houses look the same and I’ve seen some pretty remarkable designs. Don’t be afraid to get creative, have fun and make it your own!