Fulminating Rune

Fulminating Rune
Cast Time: N/A
Target: Enemy
Range: 22m
Cost: 3510
Skill Description
Summon an explosive rune under an enemy that etches foes nearby with scrawled glyphs, dealing 4642 Magic Damage over 20 seconds. The rune lingers on the initial target for 6 seconds before detonating, dealing 1438 Frost Damage to enemies within 7 meters. Rune detonation cannot be primed with Fulminating Rune again for 6 seconds. Up to 3 allies near the initial target can activate the Runebrak synergy, dealing 2698 Frost Damage to enemies within 7 meters.
New Effect
Deals additional area damage after a delay. Up to 3 allies can use the Runebreak synergy.
Type: Active Ability
Location: Arcanist > Herald of the Tome
Unlocks at: Herald of the Tome rank 42