Lefthander’s War Girdle Leads – ESO

Lefthander’s War Girdle Leads

The Lefthander’s War Girdle is a new mythic added with the High Isle chapter that will cause your dodge rolls to give you a massive shield that absorbs damage! This page will give you all of the lead locations so that you can assemble your Lefthander’s War Girdle today!


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Lefthander’s War Girdle Lead Locations

Here are the Lefthander’s War Girdle lead locations. This will be filled in as the community discovers the lead locations! Check back often!

Lefthander’s War GirdleZoneLead Location
Asp-Leather StrapHigh IsleLesser Sea Adders (Summerset coast)
Gilded DiskHigh IsleMornard Falls World Boss (Amenos Island)
Grand hattu OnyxHigh IsleCrafting Writs
Singersteel ClaspHigh IsleTreasure Chests in Alik’r Desert Zone
Totambu ChrysocollasSummersetShell Trove (Summerset Geysers)

Lefthander’s War Girdle

Why Does It Exist?

The Lefthander’s War Girdle looks like it will allow players the option to spec into a massive shield to absorb damage, however it does come at the cost of the ability to evade attacks by dodge rolling.

How to find the Lefthander’s War Girdle

To unlock the Lefthander’s War Girdle must unlock antiquities, you can follow this guide here. Then you must get to scrying and excavating level 7 to begin scrying and excavating the leads for the Belt. the lead locations can be found here