ESO Dolmen Guide


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Dolmen, also known as Dark Anchors, are located throughout Tamriel and are one of the most popular ways to level. They are best tackled by a group when they spawn. By completing one of these Wolrd Events, you gain experience and receive gold and gear (specifically a TON of jewelry).

The great thing about Dolmen is that you can run them Day 1 in the game, without any experience necessary or even gear for that matter.

If you type “X” in zone chat, you will likely be invited to join a group and will gain extra XP while participating in the event among your new allies. Because this location is so popular, you will usually find a ton of players racing between wayshrines, making it easy to follow along from Dolmen to Dolmen. Just make sure you have all three wayshrines unlocked. If you don’t be sure to ask a friend or guildie to give you a quick port.

If you’re having trouble keeping up, you could always camp at one of the Dolmen as they do respawn rather quickly.


The most popular place to farm Dolmen for XP is in Alik’r Desert. Here, three Dolmen constantly spawn in either a clockwise or counterclockwise rotation.

You’ll notice the Dolmen symbol on the map sort of looks like a ninja star.

Here are the three Dolmen in Alik’r Desert and their respective wayshrines.

  • Hollow Waste Dolmen – Aswala Stables Wayshrine
  • Myrkwasa Dolmen – Goat’s Head Wayshrine
  • Tigonus Dolmen – Shrikes Aerie Wayshrine

As you can see, the spawn locations form a triangle, making it easy to find them on the map.