Blighted Blastbones

ESO Skills Blighted Blastbones
Blighted Blastbones
Cast Time: Instant
Target: Enemy
Range: 28 meters
Radius: 6 meters
Cost: 2295 Stamina
Skill Description
Summon a decaying skeleton from the ground after 2.5 seconds. The skeleton runs after the target and explodes when it gets close to them, dealing 2409 Disease Damage to all enemies nearby and applying Major Defile to them for 4 seconds, reducing their healing received and Health Recovery by 30% Creates a corpse on death.
New Effect
Converts into a Stamina ability and deals Disease Damage. Reduces healing received on enemies hit.
Type: Active Ability
Location: Necromancer > Grave Lord
Unlocks at: Grave Lord rank 4


ESO Skills Blastbones

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