Soul Siphon

Soul Siphon
Cast Time: 0.5 seconds
Target: Area
Radius: 28 meters
Cost: 150 Ultimate
Skill Description
Sanctify your soul and the souls of nearby allies with a night rune, healing for 2409 Health and an additional 6280 Health over 4 seconds. You and your allies will also receive Major Vitality, increasing your healing received by 30% for 4 seconds. An ally can target a nearby enemy and activate the Soul Leech synergy, dealing 2090 Magic Damage to them and healing for the damage caused.
New Effect
Heals you and your allies instead of damaging and stunning enemies.
Type: Ultimate Ability
Location: Nightblade > Siphoning
Unlocks at: Siphoning rank 12


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Other Morph

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