Velothi Ur-Mages Amulet Lead Locations

Velothi Ur Mages Amulet Leads

The Velothi Ur Mages Amulet is a new mythic added with the Necrom chapter that will enable powerful DPS builds! As it stands now, this is the most interesting item being added with Necrom. This page will give you all of the lead locations so that you can assemble your Velothi Ur-Mags Amulet today!


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Velothi Ur Mages Amulet Lead Locations

Here are the Velothi Ur-Mages Amulet lead locations. This will be filled in as the community discovers the lead locations! Check back often!

OakensoulZoneLead Location
Ebony Crossed Sword ChainTelvanni PeninsulaVvardenfell World Boss Daily Coffer
Ebony Shalk MountingTelvanni PeninsulaWorldboss in Runemaster’s Acropolis
Gold Mandibular CradleTelvanni PeninsulaCammonaruhn Delve Boss
Gold Shalk ClaspTelvanni PeninsulaVault Chests in Scriveners Hall Dungeon
Lucent CabochonTelvanni PeninsulaUnderweave Public Dungeon bosses in Apocrypha

Velothi Ur-Mages Amulet

Why Does It Exist?

The primary reason the Velothi Ur-Mages Amulet exists is to help players hit high dps numbers and provide an alternate source of penetration. This allows players to use medium armor without being low on the penetration stat thanks to the penetration that comes from this item.

Looking For Velothi Ur-Mages Amulet Builds?

Look no farther! Find our One Bar builds here!

How to find the Velothi Ur-Mages Amulet

Here is how you get the Oakensoul Ring! First you must unlock antiquities, you can follow this guide here. Then you must get to scrying and excavating level 7 to begin scrying and excavating the leads for the ring. the lead locations can be found here