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ESO Addons Guide / ESO MODS

This guide will tell you all of the best ESO Addons or ESO Mods that you should install right now! Use the index below to jump down to the minion install instructions if you haven’t done that yet!


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UI and Map Addons – Must Have

Map PinsHoftThis will put pins on your map for Skyshards, Lorebooks, Treasure chests, surveys and so much more making it a must-have!
Bandits User InterfaceHoftGreat UI, lots of features to explore. Does everything you want, and more!
Perfect PixelKliskMassive improvement of the UI. Essentially forces menus to use the full screen instead of the middle 50% of the screen which the game UI does by default for some reason. This means you can see a lot more, with a lot less mouse-wheel scrolling

ESO Addons / ESO Mods – For Group Content

Code’s Combat AlertsCode65536Warns you of dungeon mechanics, typically ones that will kill you in one shot so that you can roll-dodge away. VERY USEFUL
Raid NotifierKyomaHelps warn you of raid mechanics. It will save you and your raid team a lot of tears!
Hodor ReflexesAndy.sThis one is optional, and more for organized raid groups. Provides stats and insight into your groups’ performance and tells you when you should use your ult if you should be timing with team members.
Combat MetricsSolinurThis is THE tool we use to analyze our damage in ESO. It tells you what percentage of the groups total damage you are providing. It provides a breakdown of your damage so you can see how much DPS each individual skill is providing. Essential for every Damage dealer

ESO Addons / ESO Mods for Quality of Life

Auto Category RevisedShadowfenOrganizes your inventory by researchable, tradeable, consumables, and by sets. Its amazing, try it out!
Lazy Writ CrafterDolgubonDaily writs are an easy way to get materials and gold. this literally does them for you. I LOVE this one.
Daily AlchemyMarifyAutocompletes your Daily Alchemy writs
Daily ProvisioningMarifyAuto Completes your Daily Provisioning Writs
WritWorthyZiggrHelps with Master Writs (end game).
Inventory insightManavortexAllows you to search your bank and ALL of your characters at once, to find out where you left that one item you are looking for.
odySupportIconsOdylonPuts icons over group members heads. can be great for identifying the tanks and healers in the group
Wizard’s WardrobeOwnedbynicoAllows you to save multiple builds for the same character. Change all of your gear, skills, and champion points from a group build, to a solo build, to a PVP build in the click of a button.
Craft StoreRhyonoIncredibly powerful, but I mostly use it for crafting enchantments. It makes it so, so much easier and more intuitive.
Fancy Action BarAndy.sHelps you keep those buffs up and those DOTS on. Fancy Action bar allows you to see both bars at once. choose one or the other, but not both.
Tamriel Trade CentrecyxuiAllows you to hover over an item and see roughly what it sells for so you know what is, and what is not worth saving.
Beam Me UpdeadsoonAllows you to teleport to a friend or guild mate in any zone free of charge. You can search by friend or by zone, making getting around free very easy!


Why use minion? It installs your addons, it updates your addons, it shows you the most popular addons first. (though most-popular does not equate to best, as some of them simply have a ton of downloads because they are old and have been at the top for a long time, hence this list!)

You can install addons manually, but minion is way easier and faster!

How to Install Minion

  1. Download the program here (click the real download button and not an ad)
    • Usually minion will fail to find the ESO folder on its own. Here is the default file path.
ESO Addons Guide

Install ESO Addons / ESO Mods

click on the “find addons”tab and search for the addons recommended above and any others you might want!

Be sure to install the associated lib files. These are easily found in came by expanding the addon (escape >addons > click the carrot next to the addon name). They are also usually listed in the addon description in minion

Are Your AddOns Working??

Yes? Congrats! This is rare for a first-timer!! Enjoy! – Press [Enter] in-game to bring up the cursor to grab and move UI items on the screen.

No? Well, what’s wrong?

Install location? – When you open the game and click “addons” in the character select screen do your addons show up?

  • No? You’ve selected the wrong folder to install the addons into!! Have minion find the addons folder again (usually in documents >elder scrolls online >live >addons)
  • Yes? Let’s move on.

Did you install the Lib Files? – While inside the addon menu in the game, hit the arrow next to each addon. Any files in red are missing and need to be searched for in minion and installed!

Allow out of date addons. – Be sure to check the box at the top of the addons list that allows out of date addons.

Still not working? Check the minion FAQ and ask me for help on Twitch. Good luck!