PVP Stamina Necromancer


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The WomboMancer – A Stamina Necromancer 2H PVP Build

This ESO PVP Necromancer build brings incredible burst damage and survivability. Works perfectly in Cyrodiil and the Battlegrounds!

  1. Overview
    • Race
    • Mundus
    • Attributes
    • Consumables
  2. Gear
  3. Skills
  4. Rotation
  5. Passives
  6. Champion Points


  • Race: Dark Elf, Khajiit, Orc, Redguard, Nord
    • Other acceptable alternatives will perform nearly as well and you can find them on our race guide page here.
  • Mundus: Serpent
  • Attributes:
    • Magicka: 0
    • Health: 0
    • Stamina: 64
  • Consumables
    • Food: Artaeum Takeaway Broth
      • Cheaper options are Dubious Cameron Throne
    • Potion: Essence of Immovability (Columbine Dragonthorn Wormwood)
    • Note: Food is not optional in ESO, failing to eat food will result in your struggling to live, and to sustain your resources. Potions are much the same. Feel free to use simple stamina potions to save money when doing easy content.
    • If you are struggling with sustain it is likely due to lack of
      • food, potions, medicinal use (alchemy passive), keeping your mender up, keeping your tether up


In this section, we cover the gear setups for the PVP Stamina Necromancer Cyrodiil, Battlegrounds and Imperial City build.

ChestClever AlchemistHeavyWell-FittedPrismatic
BeltDiamond’s VictoryMedium Well-Fitted Stamina
ShoesDiamond’s VictoryMedium Impenetrable Stamina
HandsDiamond’s VictoryMedium ImpenetrableStamina
PantsDiamond’s VictoryMedium ImpenetrablePrismatic
NecklaceDiamond’s VictoryJewelryInfusedWeapon Damage
Ring 1Clever AlchemistJewelry InfusedWeapon Damage
Ring 2Clever AlchemistJewelry InfusedWeapon Damage
Weapon 1Vateshraan Hallow2H MaulSharpenedWeapon Damage Enchantment
Weapon 2Clever Alchemist1h / ShieldPowered/SturdyEscapist’s Poison

  • Clever Aclhemist is Crafted in Hew’s Bane(can be bought at guild traders)
  • Diamond’s Victory is crafted in Blackwood (can be bought at guild traders)
  • Balorgh drops in Veteran March of Sacrifices (Final boss)
    • feel free to use selenes until you get your Balorgh
  • Vateshraan Maul drops in Vateshraan hallows
    • feel free to run clever alchemist on the front bar as well until you get your vateshraan weapon

Honorable Mentions
ESO Skills Pierce Armor

Pierce Armor is a great substitute for Hexproof if you have other means of cleansing or a healer in the group. pierce will provide major and minor breach (tons of penetration)


Blighted Blastbones BlastbonesNecromancer > Grave Lord
eso skills dizzying swing Dizzying Swing UppercutWeapon > Two Handed
ESO Skills Executioner ExecutionerESO Skills Reverse Slash Reverse SlashWeapon > Two Handed
esp skills rally Rallyeso skills momentum MomentumWeapon > Two Handed
eso skills mortal coil Mortal Coil Restoring CoilNecromancer > Living Death
ESO Skills Dawnbreaker of Smiting Dawnbreaker of SmitingESO Skills Dawnbreaker DawnbreakerGuild > Fighter’s Guild
eso skills hexproof Hexproofeso skills expunge ExpungeNecromancer > Living Death
eso skills elude Eludeeso skills evasion EvasionArmor > Medium
ESO Skills Resolving Vigor Resolving Vigor Vigor Alliance War > Assault
ESO Skills Spirit Guardian Spirit GuardianEso Skills Spirit Mender Spirit MenderNecromancer > Living Death
ESO Skills Beckoning Armor Beckoning ArmorEso Skills Bone Armor Bone ArmorNecromancer > Bone Tyrant
eso skills ravenous goliath Ravenous Goliatheso skills bone Goliath transformation Bone Goliath TransformationNecromancer > Bone Tyrant


  • Apply Self Buffs
    Rally, Elude, Spirit Guardian Beckoning Armor
  • Proc your set buffs
    • Diamond’s Victory: cast Blastbones
    • Clever Alchemist: switch to back bar and use your potion
    • Balorgh: use front bar ult
  • After that its simply Blastbones and Dizzying Swing until they are low enough to execute
  • (Blighted Blastbones > Dizzying Swing > Dizzying Swing) is the core of the rotation. Replace Dizzying Swing with any buff/ or summon that has dropped
    > eso skills dizzying swing > eso skills dizzying swing

Yeah, it’s that simple!

  • Keep Mortal Coil up for ult charge and healing
    eso skills mortal coil
  • When 31% HP use Executioner unless you need the shield from Brawler to stay alive.
    ESO Skills Executioner
  • Use Resolving Vigor when necessary if you feel like you need a huge heal.

  • Make sure to keep up your Beckoning Armor and Spirit Guardian. This will provide substantial damage reduction and healing to keep you going until you have a chance to cast Vigor
    ESO Skills Beckoning Armor ESO Skills Spirit Guardian


    • Grave Lord : All passives
    • Bone Tyrant: All Passives (when able)
    • Living Death: All Passives (when able)
    • Two Handed: All Passives
    • 1H and Shield: All Passives
    • Medium Armor: All Passives
    • Heavy Armor: All Passives
    • Undaunted Guild: All Passives
    • Fighter’s Guild: First 4 Passives
  • Racial: All Passives
  • Alchemy: Medicinal Use


In this section, we will go over how to invest your champion points for the PVP Stamina Necromancer in the cp 2.0 system.

Warfare Tree

CP LevelPerkPoints
60-210Resilience (slot)50
270-420Biting Aura(slot)50
420-570Master at Arms (slot)50
570-720Duelist’s Rebuff (slot)50
720-780Tireless Disciple20
780-810Quick Recovery10
870-930Battle Mastery20
1020-1080Battle Mastery20
1080-1140Elemental Aegis20
1200-1230Quick Recovery10
1290-1350Eldritch Insight20
1350-1410Flawless Ritual20
1410-1500War Mage30
1500-1560Flawless Ritual20

Fitness Tree

CP LevelPerkPoints
0-150Juggernaut (slot)50
150-300Rejuvenation (slot)50
345-375Mystic Tenacity10
375-435Heros Vigor20
435-585Survival Instincts (slot)50
585-735Slippery (slot) 50
864-924Tireless Guardian20
1098-1188Savage Defense30
1188-1206Nimble Protector6
1206-1266Bashing Brutality20
1266-1386Mystic Tenacity40
1386-1406Piercing Gaze10
1406-1556Tempered Soul50
1556-1616Piercing Gaze20

Craft Tree

CP LevelPerkPoints
0-150Steed’s Blessing (slot)50
345-375Steadfast Enchantment10
375-465Rationer (slot)30
465-690Liquid Efficiency (slot)75
870-990Steadfast Enchantment40
990-1140Fortune’s Favor50
1140-1290Gifted Rider (slot)50
1290-1380Out of Sight30
1380-1500Fleet phantom40
1500-1599Soul Reservoir33
1599-1749Gilded Fingers50
1749-1884Inspiration Boost45
1884-2034Meticulous Disassembly50
2034-2259Master Gatherer75