Crafting Power Leveling

Crafting Power Leveling ESO

Crafting Power Leveling Guide

by Inklings

This crafting guide will provide you with the fastest and most economical way to power level your crafting professions in Elder Scrolls Online.

Important Prep!

  • Make sure to have 30 Champion Points into the Tower tree to get the Increases inspiration gain by 20%.passive. ESO + gives another 10%
  • If you wish to acquire all writ, hireling and research passives you will need 84 skill points.


Note: You power level Enchanting by deconstructing glyphs because the actual crafting of glyphs provides very little experience. Therefore we will craft the glyphs on our crafter so we can deconstruct them on the character we are power leveling

Step 1 – Required Ingredients


Step 2 – Craft Glyphs on your Crafter

  • Using these runes, craft 169 Glyphs. Place them in the bank.
    • If you do not have a crafter, you can have a friend craft them.

Step 3 – Deconstruct the Glyphs

  • Log on to the toon who’s enchanting profession you would like to level and deconstruct all 169 glyphs. That’s it!
    • Note: You do not need to remove them from the bank to deconstruct them.


Note: To level alchemy we will simply craft a series of poisons in the order described below

Step 1 – Gather or Purchase Required Materials

50Pitch Bile
8Night Oil
197Scrib Jelly
197Flesh Fly Larva

Step 2 – Craft Poisons as follows

LevelQuantityPoison SolventIngredient 1Ingredient 2
1 – 1016IchorScrib JellyFlesh Fly Larva
10 – 2032SlimeScrib JellyFlesh Fly Larva
20 – 3037GallScrib JellyFlesh Fly Larva
30 – 4046TerebinthineScrib JellyFlesh Fly Larva
40 – 4850Pitch BileScrib JellyFlesh Fly Larva
48 – 498TarblackScrib JellyFlesh Fly Larva
49 – 508Night OilScrib JellyFlesh Fly Larva


  1. Find recipes that scale from level 15-19, 25-29, 35-39 & 40-49.
  2. You can find these recipes on guild traders along with the mats necessary to make them if you don’t already have them.


Note: To level jewelry we will simply decon 530 CP150 rings. Crafting the rings does not yield much experience therefore we level jewelry by deconstructing.

Step 1 – Required Materials

5,300Platinum Ounce

Step 2 – Craft 530 CP150 Rings

  • On your crafter, craft 530 CP150 Rings and them put them in your bank

Step 3 – Deconstuct

  • On the toon you wish to power level, deconstruct the 530 cp150 rings


Purchase intricate items and deconstruct until max level


Purchase intricate items and deconstruct until max level


Purchase intricate items and deconstruct until max level


Thank you Inklings for your contributions and insight! Inklings can be found on twitch and twitter