Markarth DLC Guides

This page will have all the Markarth Guides you need to help you efficiently navigate all of the new features and obtainable items in Elder Scrolls Online’s Markarth DLC.

Markarth Antiquities

With Markarth has come the new zone called “The Reach” and in that zone are new antiquities to dig up! Motifs, Furniture, and more! Find all of the new lead locations here

Markarth Mythic Items

Two new mythic items were added with Markarth. Find out where there leads are located here!

Markarth Mythic Items ESO

Markarth Collectibles

Markarth has added some new collectibles, such as a skin, dye, and pet.

Markarth Collectibles ESO

Markarth Item Set Collections

Markarth has added the Item Set Collections system. Find out how it works here!

ESO Item Set Collections

New Arena – Vateshran Hollows

With Markarth comes a new solo arena made up of three challenging paths. Rewards include new item sets, a new skin, and more!