Vateshran Hollows Solo Arena

Vateshran Hollows Arena

This solo arena is located in The Reach and is part of the new Markart DLC.

When you first arrive, you will see a ritual site with three portals. Each is empowered by a different realm of Oblivion. You can choose which path to explore first but keep in mind each contains its own puzzles, creatures, and challenges.


Each portal increases in difficulty as you complete them. In addition, each has special tools and orb buffs you can use. Each portal also has an unlockable boss you can access after completing prior portals. Choose accordingly since you won’t be able to access the unlockable boss from the first portal you complete.

Stamina Toons

As a Stamina toon, you’ll want to go in this order:

Wounding > Brimstone Den > Hunter’s Grotto

Magicka Toons

As a Magicka toon, you’ll want to go in this order:

Hunter’s Grotto > Wounding > Brimstone Den

eso vateshran hollows solo arena markarth

Three Paths

Hunter’s Grotto – Dedicated to Hircine

Brimstone Den – Dedicated to Mehrunes Dagon
Wounding – Dedicated to Molag Bal

What You Earn

Complete all three portals of this arena to achieve the title “Spiritblood Champion”.

Complete all three on Veteran and earn the Void Pathosis skin.

Collectable Rewards

Hungering Void weapon styles – Chance to earn each time you complete this solo arena. (Even better chance on Veteran)

New item sets – Three total. Earned as you defeat various bosses in this arena.

Potent new weapons – Earned upon completing the arena. (Perfected version earned on completing the arena on Veteran).

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