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Darkstorm Emerald Dye

The “Darkstorm Emerald” dye can be obtained by earning the “Savior of the Reach” achievement. Basically tons of questing and exploring in the Zone of the Reach!

  • Reach Explorer
  • Reach Cave Delver
  • Defender of the Reach
  • Reach Grand Adventurer
  • A Bridge Between Kingdoms

Void Pitch Dye

The “Void Pitch” dye can be obtained by earning the “Honor to the Spiritblood” achievement. This is obtained by completing the following achievements in Vateshran Hollows Solo Arena

  • Scattered Spirits
  • Seeker of the Hollows
  • Fire Walker
  • Trapped Between Worlds
  • High Flyer


Somnolent Void Rot

Acquired by obtaining the “Nowhere Beyond Your Reach” achievement. Complete the “Kingdom of Ash” Quest in The Reach.

Dwarven Scarab Pet

A Mythic Item. All parts acquired by farming mobs in Bthar-Zel in The Reach.

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Void Pathosis Skin – obtained by completing Vateshran Hollows Solo Arena on Veteran.

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