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SOLO MAG DK – A Magicka Dragonknight Build / MagDK

This ESO Magicka Dragonknight build melts packs of enemies with its emphasis on AOE fire damage. From overland to Veteran Vateshran Hallows, this build has proven itself capable of all solo content in the game. Let’s light it up!

This build is perfect for the new solo Arena, the new Ring of the Pale order has taken the Mag DK to the next level when it comes to soloing content. It was exactly what this class needed! This build is perfect for Veteran Vateshran Hallows, Veteran Maelstrom and all other solo content.

  1. Overview
    • Race
    • Mundus
    • Attributes
    • Consumables
    • Vampire / Werewolf
  2. Gear
  3. Skills
  4. Rotation
  5. Passives
  6. Champion Points
  7. Parse Time


  • Race: Breton or High Elf
    • Breton is fantastic for soloing as your sustain is instrumental to your survival. High elf allows for slightly better damage at the cost of sustain. Either one is great choice. Find out what other alternatives you can choose on our race guide here.
  • Mundus: Shadow
  • Attributes:
    • Magicka: 64
    • Health: 0
    • Stamina: 0
  • Consumables
    • Food: Artaeum Pickled Fish Bowl , or Witchmother’s Potent Brew (for more sustain)
      • Less Expensive alternative: Solitude Salmon-Millet Soup
    • Potion: Essence of Spell Power
  • Vampire
    • No, not this patch


HeadIceheart or DomihausHeavyDivinesHealth
ShoulderMother’s SorrowLightDivinesMagicka
ChestFalse GodsLightDivinesMagicka
BeltFalse GodsLight Divines Magicka
ShoesFalse GodsLight Divines Magicka
HandsFalse GodsLight DivinesMagicka
PantsFalse GodsHeavy Divines Magicka
NecklaceMother’s SorrowJewelryInfusedSpell Damage
Ring 1Mother’s SorrowJewelry InfusedSpell Damage
Ring 2Ring of the Pale OrderJewelry Bloodthirsty Spell Damage
Weapon 1Mother’s SorrowInferno StaffPreciseFire Enchant or Absorb Magicka
Weapon 2MaelstromInferno StaffInfusedWeapon Damage Enchant

  • Iceheart drops in Direfrost Keep
  • Domihaus drops in Falkreath Hold
  • Mother’s Sorrow drops in Deshan (dolmen, chests, delves, public dungeons, world bosses) Mother’s Sorrow Chest Farm Guide here.
  • False God’s drops in Sunspire (Trial)


ShoulderMother’s SorrowLightDivinesMagicka
BeltJulianosLight Divines Magicka
ShoesJulianosLight Divines Magicka
HandsJulianosLight DivinesMagicka
PantsJulianosLight Divines Magicka
NecklaceMother’s SorrowJewelryInfusedSpell Damage
Ring 1Mother’s SorrowJewelry InfusedSpell Damage
Ring 2Mother’s SorrowJewelry Bloodthirsty Spell Damage
Weapon 1Mother’s SorrowInferno
PreciseFire Enchant or Absorb Magicka
Weapon 2Mother’s SorrowInferno StaffInfusedWeapon Damage Enchantment

  • Iceheart drops in Direfrost Keep
  • Julianos is a Crafted Set and can be crafted or purchased from a guild trader
  • Mother’s Sorrow is dropped in Deshan (dolmen, chests, delves, public dungeons, world bosses)
    • Mother’s Sorrow Chest Farm Guide here.


Solo Magicka Dragonknight

Flames of OblivionForce PulseMystic OrbDampen MagicElemental Drain / Molten ArmamentsShooting Star
ESO skills flames of oblivioneso skills force pulseESO Skills Mystic Orbeso skills dampen magicESO Skills Elemental DrainESO Skills Shooting Star
Elemental BlockadeEngulfing FlamesBurning EmbersEruptionHardened ArmorStandard of Might
ESO Skills Elemental BlockadeESO Skills Burning EmbersEso Skills Eruptioneso skills hardened armorESO Skills Standard of Might

Honorable Mentions:
Barbed Trap or Channeled Acceleration can be great if you want minor force

Burning Talons can be a substitute for Mystic Orb


ESO skills flames of oblivion Flames of Oblivion InfernoDragonknight > Ardent Flame
eso skills force pulse Force Pulseeso skills force shock Force ShockWeapon > Destruction Staff
ESO Skills Mystic Orb Mystic Orb Necrotic OrbGuild > Undaunted
ESO Skills Elemental Drain Elemental Drain ESO Skills Weakness to Elements Weakness to ElemetnsWeapon > Destruction Staff
eso skills dampen magic Dampen MagicESO Skills Annulment AnnulmentArmor> Light Armor
ESO Skills Shooting Star Shooting Star MeteorGuild > Mages Guild
ESO Skills Elemental Blockade Elemental Blockade Wall of ElementsWeapon > Destruction Staff
Engulfing Flames Fiery BreathDragonknight > Ardent Flame
ESO Skills Channeled Acceleration Channeled Acceleratioin AccelerateGuild > Psijic Order
Burning Embers Searing StrikeDragonknight > Ardent Flame
Eruption Ash CloudDragonknight > Earthen Heart
eso skills hardened armor Hardened Armoreso skills spiked armor Spiked ArmorDragonknight > Draconic Power
ESO Skills Standard of Might Standard of Might Dragonknight StandardDragonknight > Arden Flame


This solo Magicka Dragonknight Rotation is dynamic, but don’t let that scare you! Essentially, what we’ve done is put our long-lasting dots on the back bar. We apply them all, then move to the front bar and use our spammable.

Any time all dots are ticking we are using our spammable aka Force Pulse or Molten Whipe or Elemental Weapon
ESO Skills Molten Whip eso skills force pulse eso skills elemental weapon

Swap to back bar to reapply all your dots back there when they start dropping.

In other Words

  • Step 1: Start with
    Hardened Armor > Flames of Oblivion > Elemental Drain
    eso skills hardened armor > ESO skills flames of oblivion > ESO Skills Elemental Drain

  • Step 2: Begin Dynamic Rotation On back bar
    Elemental Blockade > Engulfing Flames > Burning Embers > Eruption
    ESO Skills Elemental Blockade > > >

  • Step: 3 Swap to Front Bar
    Mystic Orb > Spammable until back bar dots begin to drop. Reapply dots and buffs as they drop.
    ESO Skills Mystic Orb > eso skills force pulse
    -Return to Step 2-


    • All passives
    • Staff: All Passives
    • Light Armor: All Passives
    • Heavy Armor: First 3 Passives
    • Mages Guild: All Passives
    • Undaunted Guild: All Passives
    • Psijic Guild : If you use psijic abilities
  • Racial: All Passives
  • Alchemy: Medicinal Use


    • Thaumaturge: 75
    • Master-at-Arms: 56
    • Staff Expert: 19
    • Elf Born: 51
    • Elemental Expert: 49
    • Spell Erosion: 20 (adjust as necessary)
    • Shadow Ward: 31
    • Tumbling: 56
    • Arcanist: 64
    • Tenacity: 45
    • Bashing Focus: 18
    • Warlord: 56
    • Quick Recovery: 27
    • Ironclad: 81
    • Spell Shield:16
    • Hardy: 49
    • Elemental Defender: 49
    • Thick Skinned: 48

Confused by light attack weaving or animation cancelling? Click here.