Consuming Trap

eso skills consuming trap
Consuming Trap
Cast Time: Instant
Target: Enemy
Range: 28 meters
Cost: 2700 Magicka
Skill Description
Lay claim to an enemy’s soul, dealing 1230 Magic Damage or 3192 Physical Damage over 10 seconds. The damage dealt is based on your highest offensive stats. If an affected enemy dies, you fill an empty Soul Gem and heal for 2414. You also restore 1591 Magicka and 3628 Stamina. This portion of the ability scales off your Maximum Health, Magicka, and Stamina.
New Effect
Each time a ward dissolves you restore Ultimate and Magicka.
Also restore Health, Magicka, and Stamina if enemy dies while affected.
Type: Active Ability
Location: World > Soul Magic
Unlocks at: Soul Magic rank 1


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Other Morph

eso skill soul splitting trap