Item Set Collections

ESO Item Set Collections
  • What is it
  • How it Works

What Is Item Set Collections?

The Item Set Collections System gives you the ability to craft any piece of gear that has been bound to your character. For example, dungeon gear, trial gear, overland gear, and even mythic gear!

How does Item Set Collections Work?

  1. Collect a piece of gear
  2. Add it to your collections. How? Do one of the following
    1. Equip it
    2. Deconstruct it
    3. Wait for the 2 Hour tradable window to pass for dungeon and trial gear, at which point it will be bound to you
    4. Gear you collected before Markarth will be automatically added to your Item Set Collection when you log into the character that has the gear in their inventory
    5. Gear that is in your bank and coffers will be added as soon as you log into your first character
  3. Crafting Cost
    1. The More of that set you have added in the collection, the cheaper it will be to craft
  4. How to Craft
    1. Go to a transmute station and click the “Reconstruct” tab at the top right.
    2. Find the piece of gear you would like to reconstruct
    3. Choose the trait and quality (blue, purple, gold)
    4. Enjoy your new item!