ESO Mythic Item Locations

eso mythic items lead locations

Mythic Item Leads and Locations


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How To Obtain Mythic Items

Obtaining mythic items is a 3 step process. The first step is to find the leads, listed below!

  1. Find the lead (locations shown below)
  2. Scry to find the excavation site
  3. Excavate the item.

ESO Mythic Items

Ring of the Wild Hunt

eso mythic gear antiquities ring of the wild hunt greymoor

Ring of the Wild HuntZoneLead Location
Symbol of Y’ffreGreenshadePelda Tarn, Thodundor’s View World Bosses
Face of the SerpentGrahtwoodElden Hollow
(Canonreeve Oraneth)
Band of WaterGlenumbraPublic Dungeon Boss
(Bad Man’s Hallows)
Charm of the ShapelessMurkmireWorld Boss Bok-Xul, Teeth of Sithis, Tsofeer Cavern Delves
Face of the Wolf BeastMalabal TorBitterpoint Strand World Boss, Bone Grappler in Bone Grappler’s Nest

Thrassian Stranglers

eso mythic gear antiquities thrassian stranglers greymoor

Thrassian StranglersZoneLead Location
Nautilus Shell GuardsSummersetGilleruk the Viscous Karnwasten Public Dungeon
Inert Anemone InlayAuridonWorld Boss Soulfire Plateau, World Boss Heretic’s Summons
Coral PlantingArtaeumFishing
Sticky Integument LeatherEyeveaPsijic Portal in Artaeum or Summerset
Bouyant SteelStros MkaiFishing (saltwater)

Malacath’s Band of Brutality

eso mythic gear antiquities malacath's band of brutality greymoor

Malacath’s Band of BrutalityZoneLead Location
Malacaths Brutal Scourge HoopBetnikhRandom wolf mob
Malacaths Brutal Might LoopWrothgarPublic Dungeon Boss (Old Orsinium)
Malcaths Brutal Ritual OilStormhavenPublic Dungeon Boss (Bonesnap Ruins)
Malacaths Brutal Rune CoreBal FoyenImperial City Upper Bosses
Malacaths Brutal Ritual DustReaper’s MarchWaterdancer Falls World Boss Queen of Three Mercies

Snow Treaders

eso mythic gear antiquities snow treaders greymoor
Snow TreadersZoneLead Location
Snowy Sabre Cat Fur StripEastmarchDirefrost Keep
(Drodda of Icereach)
Petrified Snow-CedarThe RiftGiant Camp World Boss
Auri-El Metal CarvingsBleakrock IsleMob Kill: Frostedge Sentry, Mudcrab
Magicka-Imbued Metal PlatesCyrodiilUnderpall Cave, Boss – Raelynne Ashham
Glacial Metal RivetsWestern SkyrimBlackmaw boss in Labyrinthian

Bloodlord’s Embrace

eso mythic gear antiquities bloodlord's embrace greymoor

Bloodlord’s EmbraceZoneLead Location
Thirsting GirdleRivenspireIlambris Athro Crypt of Hearts 1
Sanguine DoubletColdharbourPublic Dungeon Boss (Village of the Lost)
Goblet GorgetGlenumbraSpindleclutch (The Whisperer)
Fanged CuirassShadowfenPublic Dungeon Boss (Sanguine’s Demense)
Hecatomb TassetsKhenarthis RoostGeneral Kryozote Boss in Imperial City Sewers

Torc of Tonal Constancy

eso mythic gear antiquities torc of tonal constancy greymoor
Torc of Tonal ConstancyZoneLead Location
Torc Strand of LoreAlikr DesertKorignah Boss Forsaken Heart’s Cave
Torc Strand of SongBankoraiCaptain Blackheart in Blackheart Haven Dungeon
Torc Strand of PowerDeshaanDruitularg’s Ritual Altar World Boss
Torc Throat GuardsCraglornAnk’Ra’s Crucible World Boss event
Torc Tonal FocusStonefallsWrathvenom Boss in Crow’s Wood


Special thanks to the amazing Inklings Twitch / Twitter for helping the community gather this information!