eso midyear mayhem event 2020 guide rewards


What is Midyear Mayhem

Midyear Mayhem is a PVP event running from June 25th to July 7th where you can battle people in Cyrodiil, Imperial City, and the battlegrounds for increased rewards, ap and xp.

How to Participate in Midyear Mayhem

  1. To participate in Midyear Mayhem open the crown store and
  2. Find the midyear mayhem quest starter within the crown store and accept the quest
  3. Find the NPC named “Predicant Maera” and continue the quest
  4. Once complete you will receive teh Scroll of Pelinal’s Ferocity
  5. Add the scroll to your quickslot bar so you can use it every two hours

Rewards for Midyear Mayhem

  • You can earn 4 tickets per day by completing any pvp related daily quest.
    • 2 tickets from Cyrodiil or Battlegrounds
    • 2 tickets from Imperial City
  • NEW Second Legion outfit style pages
  • Legion zero outfit style pages
  • Standard Bearer emotes

Boon Boxes

Earned by completing:

  • Battleground quests from Battlemaster Rivyn
  • Scouting, Battle, Warfront, and Conquest Missions
  • Elder Scroll capture and recapture quests
  • Town quests in Vlastarus, Bruma, Cropsford, Cheydinhal, and Chorrol
  • Imperial City daily quests

Boon boxes can contain

  • Transmute Crystals
  • Alchemy reagents
  • PvP consumables such as repair kits, forward camps, and siege weapons
  • Motif pages for the Alliance and Akaviri styles
  • Style items for your Alliance
  • Akaviri style items
  • Coldharbour siege weapons
  • Prismatic Runestones
  • Books of Pelinal housing items