Blackwood Mythic Items

These are the mythic items added with blackwood. Below are detailed descriptions for all of the lead locations

Death Dealer’s Fete

Here are the Death Dealer’s Fete lead locations

Death Dealer’s FeteZoneLead Location
Warm Asymmetrical RubyBlackwoodOblivion Portal Final Boss
Carved Signet BaseImperial CityIC Overland Boss Nunatek
Weighted Spiked BridgeCyrodiilRewards from the Worthy Box
Sturdy Silver ProngsCraglornLast Chest of Dragonstar Arena
Wide Barbed ShankCraglornAnomalies, Final Chest

Gaze of Sithis

Here are the gaze of sithis lead locations

Gaze of SithisZoneLead Location
Glass Skeletal VisageBlackwoodPublic Dungeon: Zenithar’s Abbey Boss
Preserved Wraxu FeathersOutlaws RefugeRemains-Silent equipment option. Must have progressed in dark brotherhood to unlock this
Ritual CircletShadowfenCradle of Shadows : velidreth
Pad-Sa Shark TeethShadowfenDelve: Onkobra Kwama Mine
Niss’wo Sacramental WrapsDeshaanPublic Dungeon Forgotten Crypt – Silent Colossus Boss

Harpooner’s Wading Kilt

Here are the harpooner’s Wading Kilt lead locations

Harpooners Wading KiltZoneLead Location
Kothringi Cut LeatherBlackwoodWorld Bosses
Bog Blue Jasper FetishShadowfenRuins of Mazzatun: tree Minder
Tide Glass BeadsShadowfenany alchemy node
Wolf Tail SashMurkmireFishing (Foul Water)
Silverweave CordBal FoyenRandom drop from covenant Marksman

Shapeshifter’s Chain

Here are the Shapeshifter’s Chain lead locations

Shapeshifters ChainZoneLead Location
Chain of the Bone GoliathColdharbourVaults of Madness: Mad architect
Chain of the VampireThe ReachHarrowstorms
Chain of the WerewolfCraglornHircine’s Haunt Delve Boss
Length of Sharpened SpikesGlenumbraSpindleclutch II : Final boss
Reinforced ClaspBlackwoodPublic Dungeon: Silent Hall – Bosses