ESO Beginner Tips

Top 10 Beginner Tips

These are the top 10 beginner tips every new player should be aware of when starting elder scrolls online for the first time. ESO is a massive game, and there is a lot to learn. These beginner tips are the tip of the iceberg but don’t stress! It is very easy to fix any mistakes you make along the way!

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Nothing Is Permanent – Almost

Skill points and attribute points can be reset for free using scrolls you receive at level 43. Beyond that you can reset these points any time you want for a small gold fee! So do not stress about placing every point perfectly, enjoy the game and level! Later when you understand the game’s finer mechanics and/or you find a build you want to follow you can respec accordingly. The only exceptions to this are faction and class. Your race can only be changed using the cash-shop. You can always build a new character, you get 9 character slots!

Deconstruct Everything! – Almost

There are 5 benches in the game you can deconstruct at. Blacksmith, woodworking, cloth, rings, enchanting. Deconstruct everything that you don’t want to wear. This passively levels up each of these crafting benches! (if you know the traits your build will use, research them!)

What Should I Spend My Gold On?

Until you get to CP 160 do not spend your gold on anything except backpack space and upgrading your mount! Visit your local “Pack Merchant” to purchase more inventory space for your character. You will find out fast that your inventory is constantly filling up and this helps a ton! After you have maxed out your backpack, visit the bank and upgrade your bank space!

Upgrade Your Mount

You can upgrade your mount once a day! Make sure you visit the stable master and upgrade it. I recommend speed, then storage then stamina. You do what you want! It will take about 180 days to completely upgrade your mount, so don’t forget!

Do Your Dailies!

After you hit level 10 you can do a daily Dungeon (4 man pve) and a Daily Battleground (4v4v4 PVP). Press “P” on your keyboard and do a random daily dungeon and a random pvp once per day. If you do nothing else that day, do this! You get hours worth of experience as a bonus the first time you do each of these every day. They have a 20-hour cool-down and will say “Daily Complete” if you have already done them in the last 20 hours. PS you only get the daily bonus for pvp if your team gets second place or better!

What is the best way to level?

See this level guide for a breakdown of what you should expect to be doing at each level! I recommend doing the entire main story quest and all of its quests through the harborage and Coldharbour. Good story, tons of free skill points and xp. After level 10 take a quick break from the main story to do your dailies every day. If you want more of a break from the questing beyond dailies, Dolmen in Alik’r desert is some of the best xp in the game, and a great way to level fighters guild and collect jewelry for deconstructing. Do dungeons when you need gear closer to your level!

Where do I put my attribute points?

This depends on your role (DPS, healer, tank?) and whether you want to be stamina or magicka based. If you are not a tank you should pick either stamina OR magicka. This game does not make it easy to create a hybrid character that uses both magicka and stamina, so you will want to pick one or the other. A couple of things play into this. Your skills damage is based partly on its corresponding resource pool (stam/mag) so the larger that pool the more damage you will do. If you have 2 medium-sized pools, you get medium-sized damage. Plus you would then have to try to get items that increase the regen and resource pool for both. choose one and dump your points into that, and a few (maybe 10 to 20 tops) into health. Unless you are a tank, then pump health with a little in mag and stam!

What type of armor should I wear?

Generally, tanks wear heavy. Stamina chars (dps or healers) will wear medium. Magicka chars (dps or heals) will wear light armor. Wear whatever you find until cp160, dungeons are a great place to get gear any time you out level yours! At cp160 find out which dungeon drops a set that works for you and run it a few times! You should be able to get a 5-piece set bonus in no time!

You can’t out-level content

In this game, you are scaled to the world. This allows you to pair up with a high-level character to do content together! It also allows you to skips quests and then come back and do them later, because you won’t out-level them! They will scale to your new level. (Nice!) So do whatever you want, when you want. And do not be afraid to come back for side quests later.

Join NPC Guilds

Join the fighters and mages guild asap. And join the undaunted guild at 45. Begin doing your undaunted dailies every day at level 45 to get keys and transmute shards. The keys can buy shoulder armor for your 2 piece monster set. The transmute shards will allow you to change the trait of armor you find.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

If you have any questions, or if you need help getting gear- let me know! You can find me on Twitch. Join our guild, the “Caffeine Knights” to join an amazing community of helpful people!