Surveys are rewards you get for doing your daily crafting writs.


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Unlike regular nodes you stumble upon randomly while adventuring throughout Tamriel, SURVEY resource nodes can give you 3-5x the amount of materials.

These materials improve based on:

  • Your character level
  • The level of the first Passive in each crafting line

NOTE: It’s important to do your surveys on your HIGHEST LEVEL crafting toon so you get the highest level mats.

Survey nodes are usually close together and of the same kind so they’re pretty easy to spot, especially if you have skill points into Keen Eye which makes the glow around them even brighter and easier to see.

If you’re on PC, there’s a great addon called “Lost Treasure” that puts a red “X” on your map where the resource nodes are located and make finding those locations that much easier. Check out our addons guide here.

Want more surveys? Make sure you’re doing your daily crafting writs.