ESO Skyshard Guide

Skyshard Guide

Skyshards are bright beams of light scattered throughout Tamriel. Every three collected will grant you 1 skill point that you can use to unlock or morph an ability.

Some are located in the open world while others are can be found in public dungeons or delves. Once you collect all skyshards in a zone, you will receive an Achievement. There are 452 skyshards total (453 if you include the one from the Soulless Quest), meaning you can acquire a whopping 151 skill points!

If you collect every skyshard listed in your achievement journal, you will receive an award, an awesome dye called Aetherial Blue and even a Skyshard housing item. Pretty cool!


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If you’re on PC, we recommend using a great addon called Skyshards. It will show you all the skyshards on your map with a symbol that looks like this: