Updated For Flames of Ambition

Bone Guardian – A Necro Tank Build

The ESO Necromancer Tank brings fantastic survivability with its damage mitigation abilities, and great options for its Ultimate. It can turn into a giant, nearly unkillable skeleton, or resurrect its entire team if it is the last one standing. This build is a lot of fun!

  1. Overview
    • Race
    • Mundus
    • Attributes
    • Consumables
  2. Gear
  3. Skills
  4. Rotation
  5. Passives
  6. Champion Points


  • Race: Imperial or Nord
    • For other great alternatives see our race guide here.
  • Mundus: Atronach
  • Attributes:
    • Magicka: 0
    • Health: 64
    • Stamina: 0
  • Consumables
    • Food: Bewitched Sugar Skulls
    • Potion: Essence of Health (Tri-Stat)


In this section, we will cover both the starter gear and veteran gear for the Necromancer Tank build.

HeadEngine GuardianMediumSturdyPrismatic Defence
ShoulderEngine GuardianMediumSturdyPrismatic Defence
ChestYolnahkriinHeavyReinforcedPrismatic Defence
BeltYolnahkriin HeavySturdyPrismatic Defence
ShoesYolnahkriin HeavySturdyPrismatic Defence
HandsYolnahkriin HeavySturdyPrismatic Defence
PantsYolnahkriin Heavy InfusedPrismatic Defence
NecklacePowerful AssaultJewelryInfusedReduce potion cooldown
Ring 1Powerful AssaultJewelry InfusedReduced Block Cost
Ring 2Powerful AssaultJewelry InfusedReduced Block Cost
S+B (Sword + Board)Powerful AssaultSword + ShieldS – Decisive / B – InfusedS – Reduce Target Weapon Damage
B – Multi-Effect
Back BarPowerful AssaultIce StaffInfusedCrusher

  • Engine Guardian drops in Darkshade Caverns II
  • Encratis’ Behemoth drops in Black Drake Villa
  • Yolnahkriin drops in Sunspire (Trial)
  • Powerful Assault can be purchased from Guild Traders (frost staff is EXPENSIVE feel free to use fire or lightning staff until you can afford it)
    • Cast vigor once every 10 seconds to proc PA
  • And of course, once you get to Vet Trials grab the Monster sets requested by your raid lead!


NOTE: Starter does not mean it is bad, it just means that it is obtainable earlier in the game!

HeadEngine GuardianMediumSturdyMaximum Health Enchantment
ShoulderEngine GuardianMediumSturdyMaximum Health Enchantment
ChestCrest of CyrodiilHeavySturdyMaximum Health Enchantment
BeltCrest of CyrodiilHeavySturdyMaximum Health Enchantment
ShoesCrest of CyrodiilHeavySturdyMaximum Health Enchantment
HandsCrest of CyrodiilHeavySturdyMaximum Health Enchantment
PantsCrest of CyrodiilHeavy InfusedMaximum Health Enchantment
NecklaceTorug’sJewelryHealthyMagicka Recovery Enchant
Ring 1Torug’sJewelry HealthyMagicka Recovery Enchant
Ring 2Torug’sJewelry HealthyMagicka Recovery Enchant
S+B (Sword + Board)Torug’sSword + ShieldS – Infused / B – InfusedS – Hardening
B – Multi-Effect
Back BarTorug’sIce StaffInfusedCrusher Enchant

  • Engine Guardian drops in Darkshade Caverns II
  • Crest of Cyrodiil can be purchased from Vlastarus, Elite Gear Vendor in Cyrodiil (or guild traders anywhere)
  • Torug’s is a crafted set


Beckoning ArmorHungry ScythePierce Armor Spirit GuardianNecrotic PotencyRavenous Goliath
ESO Skills Beckoning ArmorESO Skills Hungry ScytheESO Skills Pierce ArmorESO Skills Spirit GuardianESO Skills Necrotic Potencyeso skills ravenous goliath
Echoing VigorElemental BlockadeInner RageSilver LeashEmpowering GraspRenewing Animation
eso skills echoing vigorESO Skills Elemental BlockadeESO Skills Inner RageESO Skills Silver Leasheso skills empowering graspESO Skills Renewing Animation

Honorable Mentions:

Bone Surge – When allies near you activate the synergy, damage shield absorbs 34% of them and up to 5 while vitality increases healing

Expunge + Modify – When you cleanse, it restores Mag and Stam (good when you need to purge) It removes snares, immobilizes bleeds and flame dots

Echoing Vigor – Use every ten seconds to proc the your PA
eso skills echoing vigor


ESO Skills Beckoning Armor Beckoning ArmorEso Skills Bone Armor Bone ArmorNecromancer > Bone Tyrant
ESO Skills Hungry Scythe Hungry ScytheEso Skills Death Scythe Death ScytheNecromancer > Bone Tyrant
ESO Skills Pierce Armor Pierce ArmorESO Skills Puncture PunctureWeapon > One Hand and Shield
ESO Skills Spirit Guardian Spirit GuardianEso Skills Spirit Mender Spirit MenderNecromancer > Living Death
ESO Skills Necrotic Potency Necrotic PotencyESO Skills Bitter Harvest Bitter HarvestNecromancer > Bone Tyrant
eso skills ravenous goliath Ravenou Goliatheso skills bone Goliath transformation Bone GoliathNecromancer > Bone Tyrant
eso skills echoing vigor Echoing VigorESO Skills Resolving Vigor VigorAlliance War > Assault
ESO Skills Elemental Blockade Elemental BlockadeESO Skills Wall of Elements Wall of ElementsWeapon > Destruction Staff
ESO Skills Inner Rage Inner RageESO Skills Inner Fire Inner FireGuild > Undaunted
ESO Skills Silver Leash Silver LeashESO Skills Silver Bolts Silver BoltsGuild > Fighters Guild
eso skills empowering grasp Empowering Graspnecromancer grave grasp Grave GraspNecromancer > Bone Tyrant
ESO Skills Renewing Animation Renewing Animation ReanimateNecromancer > Living Death


  • Melee Taunt:
    Pierce Armor
    ESO Skills Pierce Armor
    Next use Silver Leash (stamina chain)
    ESO Skills Silver Leash

  • Range Taunt:
    Inner Rage
    ESO Skills Inner Rage

    Next use Unnerving Bone Yard (applies Major Fracture and Major Breach)
    ESO Skills Unnerving Boneyard

This build offers a lot of debuffing, helping out the healer and DPS and is great for self-sustain.

  • Self-Sustain:
    Beckoning Armour > Silver Leash
    ESO Skills Beckoning Armor > ESO Skills Silver Leash

    *With Beckoning Armour, any enemy that attacks you will be pulled in. It increases spell and physical resistance. (Use in combination with Silver Leash to save Stam)

*PRO TANK TIP: My favorite Necromancer skill is the OP “Necro Res,” aka: Renewing Animation
ESO Skills Renewing Animation

In general, the tank is the last to rez. However, there will be times when you’ll be the last one alive if you’re close enough (and aim properly) this Ult allows you to res up to 3 people in your party. Arguably the most EPIC Ult in the game.


    • All passives
    • 1 H + S: All Passives
    • Staff: All Passives
    • Medium: All
    • Heavy: All
    • None
  • Racial: All Passives
  • Alchemy: Medicinal Use


In this section, we will go over the Necromancer Tank champion point setup 2.0.

Warfare Tree

CP LevelPerkPoints
0-120Eldritch Insight40
120-240Tireless Discipline40
240-360Quick Recovery40
480-600Elemental Aegis40
720-870Duelist’s Rebuff (slot)50
870-1020Enduring Resolve (slot)50
1020-1170Unassailable (slot)50
1170-1320Bulwark (slot)50
1560-1680Battle Mastery40
1680-1800Flawless Ritual40
1890-1980War Mage30

Fitness Tree

CP LevelPerkPoints
0-150Boundless Vitality (slot)50
150-300Ironclad (slot)50
300-450Rejuvenation (slot)50
450-570Tireless Guardian40
729-849Hero’s Vigor40
1104-1149Nimble Protector15
1149-1299Expert Evasion (Slot)50
1299-1434Savage Defense45
1434-1554Bashing Brutality40
1746-1776Mystic Tenacity10
1776-1806Survival Instincts10
1806-2181Tempered Soul125

Craft Tree

CP LevelPerkPoints
0-150Steed’s Blessing (slot)50
345-375Steadfast Enchantment10
375-465Rationer (slot)30
465-690Liquid Efficiency (slot)75
870-990Steadfast Enchantment40
990-1140Fortune’s Favor50
1140-1290Gilded Fingers50
1290-1380Out of Sight30
1380-1500Fleet phantom40
1500-1599Soul Reservoir33
1599-1749Treasure Hunter (slot)50
1749-1884Inspiration Boost45
1884-2034Meticulous Disassembly50
2034-2259Master Gatherer75