Updated for Stonethorn Chapter Expansion

Bone Guardian – A Necro Tank Build

Updated for Stonethorn aka Update 27

The Mighty… The Feared… The Unkillable…

  1. Overview
    • Race
    • Mundus
    • Attributes
    • Consumables
  2. Gear
  3. Skills
  4. Rotation
  5. Passives
  6. Champion Points


  • Race: Breton
    • As a Breton, you get great sustain and cost reduction. (Recommended for experienced players).
    • Nord and Imperial also good alternatives.
    • Argonian is a good choice if you have sustain issues.
  • Mundus: The Attronach
    • Why Mundus? Magicka recovery because as a necro, you have a lot of Magicka cost abilities.
  • Attributes:
    • Magica: 0
    • Health: 64
    • Stamina: 0
  • Consumables:
    • Food: Bewitched Sugar Skulls
    • Potion: Essence of Health (Tri-Stat)
  • Vampire:
    • Yes. Grab all Vampire passives and stay at Stage 4.


HeadStonekeeperHeavyReinforcedMulti-Effect Enchantment
ShoulderStonekeeperHeavySturdyMaximum Health Enchantment
ChestClaw of YolnakhriinHeavyReinforcedMulti-Effect Enchantment
BeltClaw of YolnakhriinHeavySturdyMaximum Health Enchantment
ShoesClaw of YolnakhriinHeavySturdyMaximum Health Enchantment
HandsClaw of YolnakhriinHeavySturdyMaximum Health Enchantment
PantsClaw of YolnakhriinHeavy ReinforcedMulti-Effect Enchantment
NecklaceRoar of AlkoshJewelryRobustMagicka Spell-Cost Reduction Enchant
Ring 1Roar of AlkoshJewelry RobustMagicka Recovery Enchant
Ring 2Roar of AlkoshJewelry RobustMagicka Recovery Enchant
S+B (Sword + Board)Roar of AlkoshSword + ShieldS – Infused
B – Reinforced
S – Weakening
B – Health Enchant
Back BarRoar of AlkoshFrost StaffInfusedCrusher Enchant

  • Stonekeeper drops in Veteran Frostvault
  • Yolnahkriin drops in Sunspire (Trial)
  • Alkosh drops in Maw of Lorkhaj (Trial)


NOTE: Starter does not mean it is bad, it just means that it is obtainable earlier in the game!

HeadBloodspawnMediumSturdyMaximum Health Enchantment
ShoulderBloodspawnLightSturdyMaximum Health Enchantment
ChestEbonHeavyReinforcedMaximum Health Enchantment
BeltEbonHeavySturdyMaximum Health Enchantment
ShoesEbonHeavySturdyMaximum Health Enchantment
HandsEbonHeavySturdyMaximum Health Enchantment
PantsEbonHeavy InfusedMaximum Health Enchantment
NecklaceTorug’sJewelryHealthyMagicka Recovery Enchant
Ring 1Torug’sJewelry HealthyMagicka Recovery Enchant
Ring 2Torug’sJewelry HealthyMagicka Recovery Enchant
S+B (Sword + Board)Torug’sSword + ShieldS – Infused
B – Infused
S – Hardening
B – Multi-Effect Enchant
Back BarTorug’sLightning StaffInfusedCrusher Enchant

  • Bloodspawn drops in Spindleclutch II
  • Ebon drops in Crypt of Hearts I and II
  • Torug’s is a crafted set

*NOTE on heavy armor: Because we run Atronach Mundus, we miss out on extra health and resistances from a Mundus stone, so we compensate by running full heavy.


Necrotic PotencyHungry ScythePierce Armor Spirit GuardianElusive MistAggressive Horn
ESO Skills Necrotic PotencyESO Skills Hungry ScytheESO Skills Pierce ArmorESO Skills Spirit Guardianeso skills vampire elusive mist greymoorESO Skills Aggressive Horn
Silver LeashElemental BlockadeInner RageUnnerving Bone YardBeckoning ArmorRenewing Animation
ESO Skills Silver LeashESO Skills Elemental BlockadeESO Skills Inner RageESO Skills Unnerving BoneyardESO Skills Beckoning ArmorESO Skills Renewing Animation

Honorable Mentions:
Agony Totem – Summon for Minor Protection for you and your allies while fearing enemies and causing Minor Vulnerability that increases damage taken by 8%.

Bone Surge – When allies near you activate the synergy, damage shield absorbs 34% of them and up to 5 while vitality increases healing

Expunge + Modify – When you cleanse, it restores Mag and Stam (good when you need to purge) It removes snares, immobilizes bleeds and flame dots

Elusive Mist – Free damage reduction (you’re immune while in it, reducing your damage taken by 75%) You can cast this instead of breaking free or role dodging, saving Stam, good for blocking damage and crowd control immunity
eso skills vampire elusive mist greymoor

Overflowing Altar – Heals more, conjuring a time freeze (gives a long AOE stun)

Exhilarating Drain – Grants 4 Ultimate per second (stack with Necrotic Potency to get ult up fast) Could be swapped with Elusive Mist, but Elusive Mist will take priority in most situations
eso skills exhilarating drain vampire greymoor


ESO Skills Necrotic Potency Necrotic PotencyESO Skills Bitter Harvest Bitter HarvestNecromancer > Bone Tyrant
ESO Skills Hungry Scythe Hungry ScytheEso Skills Death Scythe Death ScytheNecromancer > Bone Tyrant
ESO Skills Pierce Armor Pierce ArmorESO Skills Puncture PunctureWeapon > One Hand and Shield
ESO Skills Spirit Guardian Spirit GuardianEso Skills Spirit Mender Spirit MenderNecromancer > Living Death
eso skills vampire elusive mist greymoor Elusive Misteso skills vampire mist form greymoor Mist FormWorld > Vampire
ESO Skills Aggressive Horn Aggressive HornESO Skills War Horn War HornAlliance War > Assault
ESO Skills Silver Leash Silver LeashESO Skills Silver Bolts Silver BoltsGuild > Fighters Guild
ESO Skills Elemental Blockade Elemental BlockadeESO Skills Wall of Elements Wall of ElementsWeapon > Destruction Staff
ESO Skills Inner Rage Inner RageESO Skills Inner Fire Inner Fire Guild > Undaunted
ESO Skills Unnerving Boneyard Unnerving BoneyardESO Skills Boneyard BoneyardNecromancer > Grave Lord
ESO Skills Beckoning Armor Beckoning ArmorEso Skills Bone Armor Bone ArmorNecromancer > Bone Tyrant
ESO Skills Renewing Animation Renewing Animation ReanimateNecromancer > Living Death


  • Melee Taunt:
    Pierce Armor
    ESO Skills Pierce Armor
    Next use Silver Leash (stamina chain)
    ESO Skills Silver Leash

  • Range Taunt:
    Inner Rage
    ESO Skills Inner Rage

    Next use Unnerving Bone Yard (applies Major Fracture and Major Breach)
    ESO Skills Unnerving Boneyard

*TIPHeavy Attack with a frost or ice staff for a free taunt (with the tri-focus passive)

This build offers a lot of debuffing, helping out the healer and DPS and is great for self-sustain.

  • Self-Sustain:
    Beckoning Armour > Silver Leash
    ESO Skills Beckoning Armor > ESO Skills Silver Leash

    *With Beckoning Armour, any enemy that attacks you will be pulled in. It increases spell and physical resistance. (Use in combination with Silver Leash to save Stam)

*PRO TANK TIP: My favorite Necromancer skill is the OP “Necro Res,” aka: Renewing Animation
ESO Skills Renewing Animation

In general, the tank is the last to rez. However, there will be times when you’ll be the last one alive if you’re close enough (and aim properly) this Ult allows you to res up to 3 people in your party. Arguably the most EPIC Ult in the game.


    • All passives
    • 1 H + S: All Passives
    • Staff: All Passives
    • Heavy Armor: All Passives
    • None
  • Racial: All Passives
  • Alchemy: Medicinal Use


    • Blessed: 100
    • Elemental Expert: 70
    • Elf Born: 100
    • Warlord: 30
    • Shadow Ward: 64
    • Tumbling: 34
    • Arcanist: 100
    • Tenacity: 42
    • Ironclad: 39
    • Spell Shield: 20
    • Elemental Defender: 63
    • Hardy: 36
    • Thick Skinned: 36
    • Heavy Armor Focus: 50
    • Quick Recovery: 26


Special thanks to Haiica for your contributions and insight!